October 19, 2023 By Pjay Shrestha

Elevating The Primary Way's Social Media Presence


Client Profile:

Name: The Primary Way
Industry: Education
Mission: To ensure every Australian child receives the highest quality of primary education, emphasising both academic and life skills, with gratitude as a foundational principle.

The Challenge:

The Primary Way, with its revolutionary approach to primary education in Australia, recognized the need to extend their influence and engage a broader audience on social media. They required content that not only highlighted their modern teaching methods but also their unique focus on gratitude as a tool for enhancing student learning and well-being.


The Solution:

Digital Consulting Ventures stepped in with a clear objective: to create custom social media design artwork that seamlessly married thought leadership content with engaging visuals. This content was tailored to emphasize the importance of gratitude in a student's daily life and its impact on academic and personal growth.



  1. Understanding The Brand: Engaged in discussions with The Primary Way to deeply understand their philosophy and mission.
  2. Content Creation: Developed thought leadership snippets that emphasized the 21-day gratitude practice and its benefits.
  3. Design Integration: Merged the content with compelling visuals reflecting the vibrant, nurturing environment of The Primary Way.
  4. Feedback and Iteration: Worked closely with The Primary Way for feedback, ensuring the final designs resonated with their vision.


The Result:

The custom social media artwork became a visual voice for The Primary Way’s profound insights on holistic child development. Each piece, rich in content and visual appeal, garnered significant engagement, extending the institution’s impact beyond the physical boundaries of the school.

Parents and students alike engaged with the content, sparking conversations around academic excellence intertwined with mental and emotional well-being. The Primary Way’s mission found a new, amplified expression, reaching hearts and minds across Australia, affirming the institution’s position as a beacon of holistic primary education.


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