November 19, 2023 By Pjay Shrestha

What’s New in 2023: Latest Updates on Company Registration in Nepal


The year 2023 brings significant advancements in Nepal’s company registration process, making it more streamlined and business-friendly. These updates aim to simplify the bureaucratic hurdles and foster a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and investors. This article explores the latest changes and how they impact the company registration landscape in Nepal.

1. Fee Waiver for New Companies

In a major move to boost entrepreneurship, arrangements have been made to register new companies without any fees. This initiative is expected to lower the entry barriers for startups and small businesses, encouraging more individuals to venture into the business world​.

2. Online Registration and Cancellation

Another pivotal update in 2023 is the introduction of online systems for both registering and canceling companies. This digitisation effort streamlines the process, making it more accessible and efficient for business owners. It also reflects Nepal's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance governmental services​.

3. Expedited Registration Process

The company registration process, which could previously take up to 15 days, can now be completed within 15 minutes if the application is correctly filled with all required information and documents. This expedited process is a game-changer for businesses eager to start operations without bureaucratic delays​.

4. Simplified Steps in Company Registration

The registration process involves several key steps:

  • Step 1: Reservation of the company name at the Office of Company Registrar (OCR).
  • Step 2: Submission of physical documents to the OCR once the name is approved.
  • Step 3: Examination of submitted documents by the OCR.
  • Step 4: Granting of the company certificate by the OCR.
  • Step 5: Tax registration at the Inland Revenue office. This structured approach provides clarity and predictability for businesses going through the registration process​.

5. Post-registration Obligations

After registering, companies in Nepal must adhere to several obligations. These include the notification of registration within three months, detailing shareholding within a month after the share capital is paid, and submitting director details within seven days of office assumption. Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and proper accounting and financial documentation are also mandatory​.

6. Enhanced Compliance and Legal Protection

The 2023 updates provide businesses with enhanced compliance mechanisms and legal protection. This is particularly important in a country like Nepal, where regulatory compliance can be challenging for new businesses. The streamlined process aims to reduce complexities and improve transparency.

7. Digital Transformation

The shift towards online registration signifies Nepal’s digital transformation in governmental processes. This approach not only makes the process efficient but also more transparent, reducing the chances of corruption and increasing ease of doing business.

8. Supporting Entrepreneurship

The waiver of registration fees and the introduction of online systems are seen as steps to support and encourage entrepreneurship in Nepal. By reducing financial and procedural barriers, the government aims to foster a vibrant startup ecosystem.

9. Encouraging Foreign Investment

These updates are also expected to attract more foreign investors, as the streamlined process makes it easier for international entities to set up businesses in Nepal. This could lead to increased foreign investment, contributing to the country’s economic growth.

10. Addressing Past Challenges

The changes address past challenges such as lengthy registration times and complex bureaucratic procedures. By simplifying these aspects, the government is responding to the needs of the business community and adapting to modern business practices.

11. Future Outlook

The updates in 2023 are just the beginning of what seems to be a continuous effort to improve the business environment in Nepal. As the country adapts to global standards, we can expect more such reforms in the future.


The latest updates on company registration in Nepal in 2023 mark a significant step towards fostering a more business-friendly environment. The introduction of fee waivers, online registration and cancellation, and expedited processes are indicative of Nepal’s commitment to encouraging entrepreneurship and investment. As the country continues to evolve its business regulations, it is poised to become an increasingly attractive destination for both local and foreign entrepreneurs.


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