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Become an Accredited Influence Practitioner with Dr. Robert Cialdini 


Led by the world's foremost authority in the science of influence and persuasion, Dr. Cialdini. This highly sought-after certification program is designed to transform you into an influential change agent, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to effortlessly sway people's decisions and have others eagerly follow your lead.


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Dr. Robert Cialdini
NY Times Bestselling Author and most-cited social psychologist in the fields of influence, persuasion and negotiation
Leading organisations are already leveraging the influence strategies of Dr. Cialdini
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Don't Let Your Ideas Go Unnoticed Any Longer.

The Influence Practitioner Accreditation Program unlocks access to the following:
Dr. Robert Cialdini Course
  • Six live sessions with Dr. Cialdini to provide you the latest insights and research findings on the science of influence
  • Four Live Sessions with world-renowned influence experts to help you gain insider knowledge on the principles of persuasion
  • Self placed learning based on decades of world-class research to help you gain deep understanding on the science of persuasion
  • Dozens of real-life business examples with proven processes, activators, and amplifiers for each principle
  • The Official Certificate signed by Dr. Cialdini himself


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"Whether you seek to boost sales, strike a better deal, or improve your relationships, 'Influence' offers scientifically tested principles that can change your life."

— Daniel Shapiro

Negotiation Expert & Harvard Professor

Named one of the top 15 professors at Harvard University

Harvard University

Your Influence Is Waiting To Be Unleashed.


Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway



"'Influence' is one of the best business books of all time."


Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger

Vice-Chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway


"Robert Cialdini has had a greater impact on my thinking on this topic than any other scientist…"


Tobias Lütke

Tobias Lütke

CEO & Founder of Shopify

"'Influence' is one of the two books that made me a billionaire."

Master the Created by World-Renowned Experts


Dr. Robert Cialdini

Dr. Cialdini is known globally as the foundational expert in the science of influence and its ethical application.

 His seven Principles of Persuasion have become a cornerstone for people serious about increasing their influence. The results of his scientific research, his sold-out keynotes, and his bestselling books have earned him a worldwide reputation and the label of "Godfather of Influence." Ask 100 of the world’s top CEOs and entrepreneurs (including Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Jeff Bezos), and the book they most frequently mention is Influence.*

* Research from The Ways to Wealth, January 2022.

Dr. Robert Cialdini

Self Placed Online Program Outline


Influence Course


LinkedIn's latest research shows that the ability to influence others ranks high among the most desirable power skills in today's competitive landscape. In this initial module, we will dive deep into why influence is absolutely crucial for success and explore the scientific principles driving its effectiveness.

Influence Course 2


To achieve extraordinary outcomes, it is essential to harness the power of persuasion. By ethically embracing the seven Principles of Persuasion, you can elevate your level of influence and reach unprecedented heights in your personal and professional endeavours.

Influence Course 3


The Contrast Principle is a powerful concept that holds the key to understanding human perception and decision-making. Dr. Cialdini presents essential framework backed by concrete evidence on how to effectively use the contrast principle to influence how people perceive options and make choices.

Influence Course 4


Reciprocity is a powerful tool that can greatly impact your relationships, collaboration, and overall personal and professional development. Dr. Cialdini presents valuable insights into the art of reciprocity that go beyond a simple exchange of favours or gestures.

Influence Course 5


Whether you find yourself in a business negotiation, conflict resolution, or simply trying to win someone over to your perspective. Dr. Cialdini's shares scientific insights into what makes us likeable. His findings go beyond personal qualities or skills self help guru often focus on. Ignoring it, on the other hand, could potentially hinder your progress.

Influence Course 6


When we talk about unity, we are not just referring to superficial similarities or common interests. Dr. Cialdini research goes beyond that. Dr. Cialdini shares insights into how you can tap into the deeper sense of belonging and connectedness that humans crave. By mastering the power of unity you have the power to shape opinions, drive action, and bring about meaningful transformations.

Influence Course 7


In this thought-provoking session, Dr. Cialdini will unveil the scientific-based strategies of social proof, revealing how we are wired to turn to others for guidance on how to behave, think, and act. Understanding this powerful phenomenon can provide you with a distinct advantage in shaping opinions, persuading others, and making decisions that align with your goals.

Influence Course 8


Have you ever found yourself wondering why people tend to obey authority figures, even when their requests are objectionable or unethical? In this session, Dr. Cialdini shares these secrets with you including how the most successful and influential members of our society convey expertise.

Influence Course 9


Learn the secret that drives peoples to risk their own life for the desire to align their actions with their previous statements or commitments. In this insightful session, Dr. Cialdini will unpack research-backed strategies for harnessing consistency driven behaviour change in various domains. Don't miss out on unlocking these effective tools!

Influence Course 10


Large companies and successful salespeople have long recognised the potency of scarcity and exclusivity in driving quick decisions. In this session, you'll discover how scarcity can ignite desire and spur customers into action. This exclusive information will help you gain an edge over your competitors, don't miss out on this powerful knowledge!

Influence Course 11


The Influence Practitioner Exam holds the key to unlocking your potential as a recognised expert in the field of influence. Passing this rigorous examination will serve as a powerful endorsement of your abilities, opening doors to new career opportunities and professional advancement especially as it will be signed by Dr. Cialdini himself. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to become a recognised expert in the field of influence.

Take control of your future success today.


In today's competitive marketplace, standing still means falling behind. If you hesitate while others take action, you risk losing your edge. Don't let your competitors get ahead in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn directly from the best in the field.


Lock in this great price while you still can:

AUD $800

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Entrepreneur & Founder of

Virgin Group


"Robert Cialdini is the go-to expert in the field of influence, and his book should be on every entrepreneur's shelf."

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Author & motivational speaker



“Dr. Cialdini's work in the psychology of influence should be required reading for all business majors.”

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Chief evangelist of Canva


“Cialdini is the ‘Godfather of Influence.’ His book is the guiding light for how I conduct business—and in many ways how I live my life.”